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Welcome to the CSI Fashionista community, a place for fans of CSI:NY (and CSI and CSI:Miami) to talk about all kinds of fashion-related matters. Ask for lipgloss recommendations, talk about the new shirt you just bought, compare favorite brands of suncreen. Fangirl Tim Gunn and Project Runway, or discuss what on earth Mac Taylor was thinking when he wore that suit. Or praise Don Flack's skills with contrasting patterns.

Your community mods are stellaluna_ and scarletts_awry.

We only have a few rules here:

Please be polite and show respect for other members. Discussion and exchange of opinions are good; flaming is not.

All photos and graphics should be placed behind a cut.

If your post involves any spoilers for a current or recent episode, please put that behind a cut as well, with an appropriate warning. "What made Flack think he could wear a brown suit with a blue tie?" isn't a spoiler; "Did you see that blouse Stella was wearing when she shot Danny in the kneecap?" is.

Please don't post advertisements.

This isn't a community for fanfic, icons, or general (not fashion-related) show discussion. For those things, please check out, respectively, csi_ny_fic, ____nyicons, and csi_ny.

If you have questions or suggestions, please do post those!