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Cosmetics faves

All right. Thought I'd kick things off with a general sort of discussion question. What are some of your absolute favorite makeup items -- the things you just can't live without?

My very favorite item these days is probably Benefit's Benetint. I'm useless with blush, but this just gives me a nice, subtle, all-over glow. It makes me look like I actually have some color in my face, and far less like a corpse, which takes some doing, since I'm pale as a ghost otherwise. It's expensive, but it also lasts forever, since you apply so little on a daily basis. The jar I have now, I've probably been using for close to ten months, and it's just barely halfway gone.

In general, I'm also very fond of Clinique's various skincare products. Not to sound like a shill, but my skin has been much clearer and less prone to blotchiness since I started using the three-step cleansing set-up -- the facial soap (the new-ish liquid version, which I prefer to the bar), the toner, and the daily moisturizer. I also use their pore minimizer to help, well, minimize my pores, and to even out my skin tone.

And, of course, I'm a lipgloss addict, but I suspect that's a post unto itself.

What about you?
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