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hi! and some items of interest

Okay, hi!

I see a couple of people have found us and joined the community, which is really fab, especially considering that we haven't even posted about it. (I meant to, and then didn't get a chance to -- and/or got shy about it. Take your pick.) And I need to start using this community more often in general.

Please post and say hi if you'd like, or post about anything fashion- or beauty-related, per the community guidelines.

A couple of fashion-related things of interest:

Sephora has launched the Beauty Insider card program. From what I've read about it, this was originally only test-marketed in select cities (and Los Angeles wasn't one of them!), but I got my card in Seattle earlier this month, and the program has gone nationwide as of the end of June. The card is free, and it works pretty much the way your grocery store card or Borders Rewards card would: you use it when you buy something, and for every dollar you spend, you get a point. When you hit 100 points, you get deluxe free samples -- I haven't hit that point yet, but I've read on various beauty blogs that they're really good samples. You also get exclusive offers for products and additional samples if you order online, and a present on your birthday, currently Bliss' Naked Body Butter.

I really like Sephora, and I think this program is a great idea.

Old Navy has done something of a revamp on their women's jeans line. The cuts are the same basic rises and cuts they've had for awhile (although they have revamped their bootcut jeans to be a slimmer fit), but they're now called Diva (low rise), Flirt (mid-rise), Sweetheart (classic), and Goddess (natural). I saw these in the store the other day, and although they didn't have my size in the length I need, I have to say I really like these. The dark wash ones are very dark, and look like they're going to work really well for dressy or business casual outfits.

All in all, I think they've managed to make the standard line look a little trendier and up to date without sacrificing the good basics quality they've always had going for their jeans. They're also not too short, which is one thing that drives me crazy about some jeans, and about trying to figure out whether I need petite or regular length, since I'm both right on the border of both, and wear heels a lot to boot.

Old Navy is also discounting a lot of stuff to 50% off right now, so you can get some really good deals if you hit the store. gin200168 and I both found some really cute tops there when we went shopping together, and a lot of those summer tops are on sale right now, most of them for under $10.
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